Gumbalimba Park 

Adults  $55.00 

Kids (5-11)$40.00

Infants Free

Tour Prices
Tour Info
  • Tour Duration: 4-6 hrs

  • Activity level: moderate, walking involved

  • Located on Western End of the Island

  • 20 minutes from Town Center

  • 35 minutes from Mahogany Bay

  • Monkey Interaction

  • Coxens Cave

  • Green Iguanas

  • Scarlet Macaws

  • Beach Break

Price Includes
  • Roundtrip Transportation

  • A/C Vehicle

  • Admission Fee to Park ,  West Bay  & West End Tour

Insectarium, Coxen Cave, pirate history, monkeys, parrots, scarlet macaws, zipline, botanical garden and a private beach with a pool and a café serving up hamburgers, chicken fingers and hot dogs, what more can you ask for? More is better, there are a number of different activities available for an additional cost at the park, such as Snuba, Seatrek, Power Snorkeling, Clear Kayaking and much more.


The tour begins by taking a Scenic drive from your Port to the Park. Gubalimba Park is located approximately 20 minutes from the Port of Town Center and 35 minutes from Mahogaby Bay. As you make your way to the park, you will enjoy a sightseeing tour of the Island with your english speaking guide pointing out areas of interest to you. The park is located next to the popular West Bay Beach, about a 1 minute drive.


Once at the Park, the tour begins with a guide taking you to the Insectarium, where you will be able to learn about different species of Insects that are endemic to the Island, the mainland and also learn about other species that have been collected from around the World. Next up, you will be taken to Coxen’s Cave, where you can learn about the history of the Island’s first inhabitants and the arrival of the Pirates. You will see several artifacts that have been collected and are displayed inside the Cave. As you exit the Cave, you will encounter the wild life, such as Guatusas, Green Iguanas and other types of Lizards. Then it’s time for a little adventure as you cross over Gumbalimba Pond via scenic rope bridge to meet and hang out with Parrots, Toucans & Scarlet Macaws. You can interact with the Macaws and see them flying around or just hanging out in the trees above you. The best is saved for the last, Monkey Refugio, you wont know it till they hit you. They are quick and curious, so make sure not to have anything that can be ripped away by them. From sunglasses, to hats, whatever doesn’t have a good grip on you. They are very friendly and playful and will make it difficult for you to leave. The Monkeys live in the Park and are free to come and go as they please, they have their little houses built for them for shelter from rainy weather but they prefer to hang around in the canopy of trees and usually comes down to greet the visitors of the Park. 

Enjoy a beach break after the tour at the park, at the beautiful West Bay Beach at any of the following resorts:

Bananarama ($10.00 fee for the use of loungers )

Infinity Bay Resort Pass (Add $20 P/P, use of pool, loungers and WiFi)


Adults $55.00

Children $40.00 (ages 5-11)

Infants (0-4 years) FREE

Price Includes:

  • Roundtrip Transportation

  • Gumbalimba Park

  • Beach Stop

  • Insectarium

  • Bird Park

  • Sunblock

  • Beach Towel

  • Bug Spray

  • Camera

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Canopy Tour add $45.00

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