Mangrove Tunnel Excursion

Enjoy a Scenic drive as you make your way to the Eastern End of the Island. Our first stop will be at the Garifuna Village of Punta Gorda. You will be able to stop to snap some photos and learn about the history of the Garifuna Culture. You can also visit The Flamingo Culture Center  for a complete Garifuna Experience, where you will be able to enjoy a traditional Garifuna dance and learn more about their culture. (Add $10.00 P/P)


Moving on from there, we will be heading to Oak Ridge or Jonesville to take a motor Dory to continue to the Mangrove Tunnel. As you make your way to the Tunnel, you will be able to get a glimpse of how the Native Islanders live. Their homes are built on stilts over the water and a majority of People still use the  Dory to get from one harbor to another, as well as small motor boats. Jonesville and Oak Ridge are small communities that still maintain the traditional Island way of living. Everybody knows everybody, the majority of the population from these communities depend on the Fishing Industry to maintain their families.


As you make your way to the Tunnel, you will enjoy the beautiful array of turquoise shades of water as well as crystal clear shallow waters. The Reef is a barrier, allowing a passage of calm waters between the shore and the barrier reef.  To appreciate the true beauty of this tour, it's always best to visit in the early morning hours with the Sunshine lighting up the Ocean.

Along the way you will pass by other fellow tourist or local commuters in their speedboats going about their daily routines. Once reaching the tunnel,  you will enter under a canopy of Mangroves, you will be given a history briefing as to how the Tunnel was made and why it was made.


Once you exit the Tunnel you will be awed by the beauty of the swimming hole it leads to and may be tempted to take a dip or snorkel and see what lurks under the Mangroves. It’s entirely up to you. The tour ends in the Caribe Point Harbour. You can choose to stop for lunch at one of the local Restaurants such as the famous Hole in the Wall or perhaps tell us what type of Cuisine you would like to try.

Tour Prices:

  • Adults: $55.00 P/P 

  • Children: $45.00 ages 5-11


Prices Includes:

  • Roundtrip Transportation

  • Mangrove Tunnel Tour

  • Tour of Garifuna Town

  • Scenic drive of the East End of the Island


Tour requirements:

  • Must be able to climb in and out of a boat without assistance.